Mentoring Programs

Mentoring has withstood the test of time, and remains the most-effective way to pass on skills, knowledge, and wisdom. A mentor program facilitates success by providing professional socialization, personal support, and a safe space to obtain guidance. Today, mentoring is a two-way street where mentees direct the relationship and set its goals. Acquiring vital knowledge, quickly and effectively, benefits the profession as a whole.

Orientation and Training Planning

Well-planned orientation and training programs enable new employees to become acclimated quickly, thus reaching their full potential. When implementing these programs, you are providing a myriad of information on firm-culture, policies, procedures, and resources available. Orientation and training programs will result in a better opportunity for integration, ease stress, and have a substantial impact on productivity.

Onboarding & Departure Protocols

Strategic-onboarding initiatives drive productivity and engagement. Today's successful law firms are more proactive about the way they onboard talent. Assuring new hires get up to speed on day one, onboarding includes relationship-building initiatives and tactical components. Departure protocols are an opportunity to tap into the value of exiting employees. These protocols are essential for safeguarding your organization and providing a successful transfer of knowledge.

Performance Management

Performance management is a continuous process of observing progresses, setting goals, and addressing skill-gaps. When aligned with the firm's strategic objectives, and when provided with developmental opportunities and guidance, the performance management system will improve engagement, increase productivity, and facilitate growth.

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